Addiction can be a challenging problem to try to solve on your own. Whether you’re the one who wants to change your life or you’re looking to support someone else, there are a variety of supports available in South Africa to help you along the way.

Types Of Treatment Options For Addiction

There are two types of treatment facilities for those struggling with addiction: in-patient and out-patient facilities.

In-Patient Facilities

For those who want to change their lives with a more intense support program, they can sign up for a stay in an in-patient facility. There are a range of different types of these facilities, including luxury rehabilitation facilities, which can cost thousands of rands. Not all in-patient facilities charge their patients – there are many government- run facilities that are available completely free of charge.

The benefit of paid rehab facilities is that they don’t often have waiting lists, which differs from government facilities. The reason for this is that government facilities are in higher demand and often have limited spaces available.

Rehab 4 Addiction (paid rehab facility)

This is an international rehab programme with a facility in South Africa. This facility offers addiction treatment within a residential setting and it includes therapy sessions on a daily basis, as well as peer support. You can contact one of the addiction counsellors on 0800 140 4690 for FREE advice on all types of addictions.

The De Novo Drug Treatment Centre (free)

This is a government-run treatment centre in the Western Cape and while there is a waiting list to get into the centre, it is completely free. To get in touch with this treatment facility, call 021 – 988 1138 or email

You can find a list of drug rehab centres in South Africa when you visit:


Out-Patient Facilities

Out-patient facilities are those where the client gets support from professionals and laymen (those who aren’t necessarily qualified but have experience to support those with addiction), but they don’t actually live in the facility for any period of time. This sort of option is great for those who either don’t have the time to spend in a facility or those who don’t feel they need that level of support.


Some examples of out-patient support include:


1. Alcoholics Anonymous South Africa

This is a group providing fellowship for alcoholics across the world. Joining is usually free. Contact the national helpline on 0861 HELP AA (4357 22). You can also visit the AA website; for provincial contact numbers and “meeting rooms” in your local area.


2. Al-Anon Family Groups

This sort of group is for the family and friends of those with drinking problems. The group has sections for adult family members, as well as children. Contact 0861 AL ANON (25 26 66) or visit for more information.


3. Narcotics Anonymous SA

NA is a support group for those recovering drug addicts who are working to stay clean. They have a 24-hour helpline; 083 900 MYNA (083 900 6962).

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