Getting a Police Clearance

This service is usually required by people who are in the process of emigrating or those who are applying to work abroad. A police clearance is a confirmation of a person’s criminal status and it contains any criminal offences that have been recorded against the individual in question.

It is the responsibility of the Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management (CR & CSM) in Pretoria to issue Police Clearance Certificates.

Applying for a Police Clearance

  1. Visit your local police station in order to have a full set of your fingerprints taken. You’ll need to have your full name, surname, date and place of birth, as well as your ID number (if you have one) printed on the form too. You will need to provide a copy of your ID or passport at the police station, as they will require proof of identity.

2. There are countries that require a maiden name to be printed on the Police Clearance Certificate. In the event this is required, make sure that you tell the police at the time of applying and bring along proof of your maiden name (this could be a marriage certificate). These documents must not only be shown to the police, but they must also be attached to the application.

3. If you are a South African citizen living outside of South Africa, you’ll need to make this application at the South African Embassy, or in a police station within that country. You’ll need to have a complete set of fingerprints submitted with the application, as well as a copy of your ID or passport.

4. South Africans who include their cellphone number on the application will be sent a SMS when the application is received, and they’ll also be provided with a reference number for the application. The applicant will receive another SMS when the application is completed. 

5. If you have a reference number for the application, you can visit the SAPS website ( to track the progress of your application.

6. Once the application is complete, it will be sent to the Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management centre in Pretoria.


7. For those who don’t live in South Africa, you can have your completed application couriered to:

The Head of the South African Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management

(For attention: Police Clearance Certificates)

Private Bag X308


The Head of the South African Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management

For attention: Police Clearance Certificates)

Bothongo Plaza West
CRC Client Service Centre
1st Floor, Room 14
271 Francis Baard Street


Keep in mind that applications can be handed in – and completed applications collected – on a 24/7 basis.


8. You’ll need to pay R160 (Estimated, please verify) for the application. This can be paid in cash, a bank-guaranteed cheque, by a bank draft or by EFT (electronic funds transfer).


9. You need to submit proof of payment to the offices before your application will be processed. You can do this by contacting them ahead of time and then asking about the quickest way to submit the proof of payment.


10. When the certificate is ready, it will be mailed by post to the applicant. Those who are applying from overseas will need to have their certificate posted to them, at their own expense. You can also have the certificate couriered to you at your own expense.


It usually takes about 14 working days from the time you complete the application to having the certificate issued.

Contact information:

Telephone number in South Africa:
012 – 393 3928

Telephone number internationally:
+27 – 12 – 393 3928

 Email addresses:


Fax number in South Africa:
012 – 393 3909

Fax number internationally:
+27 – 12 – 393 3909

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082 313 2061

gauteng, south africa

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