Who can Claim Workmans Compensation?

Most workers have the right to claim Workman’s Compensation, or WC, if they’re too ill to work, or in the event they are injured. In the event a worker is killed at work, their dependents are also able to claim from the fund.

This is thanks to the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act.

How to Claim WC

In order to claim WC, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. You need to report the accident to your supervisor right away. The employer will then submit the relevant documents to the Compensation Fund.

2. Ask your employer for a W.Cl.2 or W.Cl.1 form. These are the forms you’ll need to take to your doctor. You’ll then need to return the form to your employer.

3. The W.Cl.4 form – called the First Medical Report in Respect of an Accident – needs to be submitted to your doctor in order for him/her to fill out.

4. Make sure you let your employer know of any changes to your personal details, including changes of address. This is because the money is usually sent to the employer’s address, so they will then need to pass this on to the employee.

5. If your employee hasn’t sent in the correct forms or you think the process is taking longer than it should, contact the local Labour Centre.

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